They say you can't judge a book by it's cover; but can you judge a movie by it's trailer?

Welcome to D's Trailer Park. Let us hitch the movie trailers here and sit yourself down for about a minute and a half to three minutes and see for yourself if the trailer is better than the movie it's advertising.

Here we have movie trailers from anywhere to just under a minutes to about 10 minutes. From the middle ot the 1960s to the present.

We start at the mid 1960s because that's when movies became more explicit and fragmented by the Production Code. No longer can movies be just for the family. The counter-culture era was beginning and the Productions Code was really getting tested. By 1969 we had our first X-rated Oscar winner for Best Picture in Midnight Cowboy. That movie was tame compared to alot of the movies of today.

So, to see trailers for the older movies, before around 1965, go to our sister site (They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore). For more of a history of movie trailers, go here, and for a list of's 50 greatest trailers of all time, go here.

We are not recommending movies so much as showing you an art form, we consider, in itself. Also with the older movies, a little piece of history.

So if these movie trailers entice you to see the movie- great!, please do so; or bring back movie memories and a time you so fondly remember. All it takes is a few scenes to bring you back to that time. Below, we have a Google search engine to quickly find any movie you are looking for.

However, one thing we do recommend. All trailers here are for 'All Audiences' (some may push those boundaries) - movies are not. We offer no bias on any movie in general that is out there on the big screen or on video. It's the freedom we have as a nation and the free will given us from above to determine what is good entertainment.

The trailers above, and on our sitemap, are one from each category. Let the trailers play out or click to go to the next trailer. Also of note - the trailers on the following pages are delivered through Youtube now, so enjoy everything that comes with them. Enjoy!